Community: MNE POLYGON Telegram, Twitter, Bitcointalk Exchanges: QuickSwap, Minereum DEX 🎲 Lucky Draw 🎲 Pot : 2000 MATIC
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Minereum Lucky Draw
Provavly Fair, Secure & Safe Random Number Generation 100% on-chain without the use of any oracles.
Minereum Lucky Draw is a blockchain experiment to prove that 100% Safe onchain randomness is possible. See source code here.

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How it works:

👉 When users buy tickets, each ticket will be entitled to a random number between 0 and 100,000.

👉 After buying tickets, wait for 10 network confirmations and refresh the page to be able to play your tickets.

- You can verify how many confirmations you have in your transaction, see example here.

👉 The tickets are valid for 256 blocks (256 confirmations), make sure to play them before they expire.

👉 You will know immediately after playing if you unlocked the pot or not.

👉 The cost per ticket is 1 MNEP. The MNEP will be burned.

👉 If your number matches the System Number, the pot is unlocked and 70% of all the MATIC go to you. 21% will go to the last other 3 players (7% for each) and 9% remain in the pot for the next draw.

👉 You can participate as many times as you want.

To participate make sure:

👉 You are connected to this page via a web3 browser (Example: Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet)

👉 You are connected to Polygon Network

👉 Your address has at least 1 MNEP PER TICKET

  • System Number: 32323
  • Total Pot: MATIC
  • Tickets Sold:
  • Tickets Played:
  • Total MNEP Burned:
  • Ticket(s) price: 1 MNEP
  • You Available Balance to Play: MNEP
  • Your Open Tickets to Play:

Check your transaction to see the result:
The Numbers Generated can be seen in the polygonscan transaction page on the "Event Logs" tab, see example here.
If any of the numbers generated match the System Number, the transaction will be successful and you will get 70% of the MATIC in the Total Pot instantly.
If the numbers generated in your transaction DO NOT match the System number, you will see a message in the polygonscan "Event Logs" tab.
The Random Number Generation is totally decentralized and fair, the source code can be verified here. The random numbers are generated based on the blockhash of the 8th block after purchase. There is an interval of 10 POLYGON blocks between buying a ticket and playing to be able to guarantee complete unpredictable randomness 100% on-chain.